CSR Food for Thought: Can Corporations Be Superheroes?

25. January 2013 CSR 0

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Can Corporations Be Superheroes?
The “corporate world” sometimes gets a bad rap as a greedy, money-sucking leech (okay, maybe that’s a little harsh…). But the researchers at Corporate Knights re-imagines this stigma in light of their latest Global 100 ranking of the world’s most sustainable companies. The companies on the list are disproving the negative reputation of the “corporate world” and showing how companies can make big – even heroic – progress toward social and environmental change.

The Growth of Cause Marketing
Now in its 28th year, the IEG Sponsorship Report reports year-over-year growth in sponsorship spending by North American companies. It breaks this activity down by type including how much money is spent on cause partnerships. While cause sponsorship remained higher than average during the economic downturn, 2012 saw slower growth as companies went back to more traditional sponsorship deals.

How Business and Civil Society Can Solve Problems
While at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2013, BSR’s Aaron Cramer recaps the discussion of how civil society – “an incredibly diverse system of local and global organizations” – is evolving. He notes that civil society has the ability to operate both locally and globally, and identifies that nonprofits have built the expertise to deliver solutions and advocacy for important issues. (Check out how VolunteerMatch delivers solutions to make it easier to manage successful community engagement programs.)

Mo Millennials Mo Problems
We often consider Millennials to be the most socially conscious generation. But in fact, this generation of twenty-something’s is not alone. Network for Good offers tips for companies looking to engage consumers of all socially conscious generations.

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