CSR Food for Thought: Employee Engagement Is Not A Fad

11. January 2013 CSR 0

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Skills-Based Volunteering: The New Executive Training Ground
Some believe a CEOs ability to build, develop and attract talent is the single most important thing they do as a leader. Some organizations are turning to the practice of skilled volunteering (sometimes internationally) to do all these things in one fell swoop, while also gaining benefits in the areas of R&D, business development and social impact.

Employee Engagement Is Not A Fad
Network for Good’s Kate Olsen wrapped all we truly believe in one headline: Employee Engagement Is Not a Fad. When done well, it can create deep, meaningful connections that help deliver business results, too.

The Value of Meaningful Work
We see many ties between our first three articles this week. This piece discusses the value of meaningful work – when employees can see how their work benefits customers, society and themselves. This brings us to the need for employee engagement (above) and one new method of engagement through skilled volunteering (also above). Read all three and you’ll be ready to make the case for more employee engagement in 2013 to anyone!

13 Conferences for 2013 – Plus 17 More!
Each year, we pinch our pennies and try to stretch them across as many CSR conferences as possible, limiting the scope to only the best out there. Luckily, our friends at Realized Worth have made narrowing the list easier with their top 13 conferences for 2013 – plus more in case those don’t strike your fancy. (Don’t miss the mention of the 2013 VolunteerMatch  Client Summit!)

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