CSR Food for Thought: The Latest Snapshot of Giving Trends

14. December 2012 CSR 0

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Corporate Philanthropy: The Latest Snapshot of Giving Trends
The annual Giving In Numbers report from Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) is a much-anticipated analysis of giving among Fortune 500 companies. While some may have braced for a slow year in corporate contributions, the results show a much sunnier outlook than expected. For more on the details of this report and a soon-to-be-released analysis of highly effective corporate volunteer programs, join us on January 22, 2013 for a webinar discussing the two studies.

BCLC’s ‘The Citizens’ Prove CSR is Just Good Business
Network for Good’s Kate Olsen recognized one common thread among this year’s nominees for BCLC’s Corporate Citizenship Awards – programs that are closely tied to business capabilities. We’re also tickled to see many of our corporate partners on the list of nominees.

Compelling Brand Purpose Must Guide Radical Innovation
Attendees and speakers at the 2012 Sustainable Brands London conference identified the need to stop focusing on short-term goals in order for CSR to truly align with business goals. As companies look to go beyond the current status-quo, many are taking a long terms view and focusing on innovation to bring about transformation.

Measuring Employee Volunteerism: Who Knows Your EVP Performance Best?
When surveying your employees about your corporate volunteer program, what can active volunteers help you understand vs. non-active volunteers? True Impact takes this questions to heart, showcasing what insights you can gain from each population.

Looking Ahead: Sustainability Trends for 2013
What will your company do in 2013 to encourage social, environmental and business sustainability? Taiga Company’s Julie Urlaub outlines 14 trends she foresees gaining traction in 2013. Social media for stakeholder engagement, employees become important program stakeholders, reliance on company rankings and surveys. Which of these are you prepared to take on?

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