CSR Food for Thought: Evaluating CSR Programs

30. November 2012 CSR 1

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Evaluating CSR Programs: Lessons from The Civic 50

A couple of weeks ago we sang the praises of our 14 corporate partners that made it on The Civic 50, a list resulting from an evaluation of community engagement practices of the nation’s largest corporations. True Impact, a partner in the initiative outlines three guiding principles in program evaluation. Join us along with True Impact and Apollo Group on 12/3 for a free webinar diving into impact measurement in more detail.

Is Your Corporate Volunteering & Giving Program a Perk or a Revolution?
Realized Worth describes how engagement in corporate social responsibility programs are not a tradeoff for other engagement perks, such as free lunch or movie tickets.

Five Ways Your Company Can Avoid a Crisis Like Ikea’s
Every company is at risk of experiencing reputation-damaging crises. While there is no way to outright avoid these risks, there are ways to prepare in a way that will mitigate negative effects if and when they do occur. Check out this article, and also join a webinar with the Cause Marketing Forum on 12/13 about managing crises related to cause programs.

CSR, Profits ‘Closely Linked’
According to a report by Adam Friedman Associates indicates further proof that CSR and profits continue to be closely linked in the minds of business leaders. Specifically, 88 percent cited company reputation as a factor in CSR decision making.

CSR Reporting: Think Small
CSR reports are a great tool, but not easy to produce. One consultant offers advice for how you can distribute information about CSR, without wasting time or resources you may not have, by thinking small to start.

Engaged Employees: A Win-Win?
Consumers want companies to act more responsible, but these efforts cannot be siloed into one department. The demand today is to stretch beyond a one-dimensional approach to touch other stakeholders, such as employees and nonprofit partners.

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    Social Media Outreach in India on December 5, 2012

    Any company can face a reputation threatening crisis. It is important that they are prepared for such moments and tackle it effectively and efficiently.

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