CSR Food for Thought: Working For and Becoming One of the ‘Good Guys’

09. November 2012 CSR 0

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Why Everyone Wants To Work For the ‘Good Guys’
The bar for CSR is being raised yet again. Employees don’t just want to feel like they’re working for a responsible company, they want to feel like they are part of the company’s responsibility efforts, too.

YourMatch from VolunteerMatch Solutions Puts an Inspiring New Face On Volunteering for Corporations, Campuses and Brands
Measurement and engagement are two critical factors to successful volunteer engagement. And now with new upgrades to VolunteerMatch enterprise products, it’s even easier for our network partners to successful engage employees, consumers and students in volunteer activity. Want to see the new features in action? Sign up for our group demos of YourMatch here.

Lessons For Cause-Based Promotions From Super Storm Sandy
We are endlessly impressed with the response from individuals to provide time and resources to aid others affected by Sandy. This article highlights some of the companies that have stepped up to make it easier for individuals to direct their support where it can help the most. Check out our advice for how companies can help others get involved in the most productive way.

Volunteerism as a Core Competency
Companies that leverage employee time and skills for community benefit have stronger social impact overall, according to The Civic 50 ranking of America’s most community-minded companies. We’re proud to see several of our network partners on the list, and congratulate all the organizations working hard to create meaningful social impact around the country.

The Happiness, Sustainability and Brand Equation: Three Rules for Making a Results-Driving Connection
Happy customers and employees = happy companies. But how to companies help support consumer and employee happiness? A new study reveals that those who are the happiest are significantly more likely to feel that sustainability and CSR issues.

3 Reasons Cause is the Secret to Engagement
Giving is better than gaining in a variety of ways. In this article, Network for Good lays out why providing opportunities to give to a cause provides stronger benefits than simply giving to a person. Aligned with this theory is also how giving your time to someone in need actually makes you feel like you have more time available in your day.

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