CSR Food for Thought: Which Presidential Candidate Will Increase CR?

19. October 2012 CSR 0

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Which Presidential Candidate Will Increase Corporate Responsibility?
Which candidate do business leaders think would encourage growth in corporate responsibility? Neither. But this is in fact good news – indicating that business leaders are taking action to increase CSR without the regulatory pressure of government. This is according to a poll taken at the COMMIT!Forum among 658 corporate responsibility leaders.

3 Steps to Retaining Millennial Employees
Want three hints for keeping your millennial employees happy, motivated and engaged? Provide opportunities for skill development (we recommend skilled volunteering as a training tool). Provide feedback – both good and constructive – that will help millennials remain active and motivated. Finally, make them feel like they’re working for something meaningful by engaging them in CSR efforts.

Beginning to Doubt “Pink” – Consumer Perceptions of Breast Cancer Cause Marketing
According to a new study from Cone Communications, 77% of Americans believe some companies support the cause solely for corporate gain…ouch. The findings show while consumers believe it’s an important cause to support, however also serve as a reminder that alignment and authenticity are always king.

Why Employees’ Big Dreams Should Be Your Company’s Top Priority
Want a great tip to create loyal, motivated employees? Ask them what their dreams are, and make them feel like their work will make a difference in the world. Being aware of their personal goals will help build highly engaged employees that want to go above and beyond day-to-day duties to make a difference.

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