Expert Insight into CSR and Employee Volunteering Trends – On Video and On Demand

18. September 2012 Free Webinars 0

Watch Best Practice Network Webinars on demand!Wouldn’t it be great if there was a resource for you and your employees to hear from the top practitioners in the CSR and employee engagement fields? If you could learn about new research reports and trends right as they launch directly from those who release them?

Thanks to the power of YouTube, VolunteerMatch has exactly what you’re looking for. Our Best Practice Network (BPN) Webinar playlist on our YouTube channel has dozens of previously recorded BPN sessions for you to browse. Each hour-long webinar features a guest speaker (or speakers) discussing key issues in the world of employee volunteering and responsible business.

How Can You Use These Videos?

  • ¬†Share with your executives to demonstrate the rising prominence of CSR and employee engagement as a business imperative.
  • Have each of your employees each choose one and present major points during staff meetings each week.
  • Schedule in an hour of professional development time for yourself every so often to watch a webinar and learn.
  • Notice how similar companies are developing their programs and apply what works to your CSR and employee volunteering initiatives.

How are you taking advantage of the Best Practice Network Webinar playlist on the VolunteerMatch YouTube channel? Let us know below!

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