CSR Food for Thought: Is Consumer Cause Choice Good or Bad?

07. September 2012 CSR 0

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The Ultimate Employee Do-Gooder Perk: A Social Sabbatical In Emerging Markets
Paid sabbaticals may be a hard to implement at an organization – particularly “selling” the concept to senior leadership. But what if you could offer sabbaticals that will increase to company’s triple bottom line? A paid social sabbatical could do the trick, where business, societal and employee needs can all be satisfied at once.

Eight Ways To Take CSR To The Next Level This Fall
With kids headed back to classrooms this month, there are some back-to-school tips that CSR practitioners can borrow and a checklist of “homework” for how to take their program to the next level this fall.

The Role of Choice of Cause Marketing: Cause Talk Radio
Does offering consumer choice in your cause campaign help drive its success? A new study published in the AMA Journal of Marketing explores the role of choice, and how exactly it can help or harm a consumer’s willingness to support a company’s cause. Check out the executive summary then tune into Cause Talk Radio with Megan Strand and Joe Waters to learn more.

Good Business: Why Just Being Good Is Not Enough
CSR is all well and good, but what if nobody knows all the good you’re doing? Read why communication of your efforts can be just as important as your progress toward your goals.

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