CSR Food for Thought: Making CSR Core to Business

31. August 2012 CSR 0

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What it Means to Make CSR Core to Business
Kate Olsen from Network for Good details some inspiring thinking she had with Dave Stangis of Campbell Soup Company about what it truly means to make CSR core to your business. The key: Employees. Check out the article and join us along with Dave Stangis on Sept. 19th for a webinar exploring the evolution of CSR.

Social Helps Companies Communicate CSR
Did you know that people who care about CSR are also heavily engaged in social media. Perhaps it comes as no surprise, as both practices continue to grow. Check out some of the best practices for making use of this cross-functional communications approach. For more information about how to use social media to engage employee volunteers, check out our blog series.

5 Tips For Marketing CSR In the Context of Our New Reality
Whether you’re focused on social investment or environmental change, there are some common practices that help all programs more effectively market CSR. Expectations have changed, and principles such as “starting from the inside” and “brand or bust” have become the new realities of CSR communication.

Building Happiness
This article speaks about the importance of sharing business intelligence at organizations and how it contributes to employee happiness. We think some of the same ideas hold true to CSR programs, where sharing experience and communicating impacts is key to maintaining participation and energy.

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