CSR Food for Thought: Storytelling for Sustained Employee Engagement

06. July 2012 CSR 1

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Sustaining Employee Engagement with Strategic Storytelling
Storytelling will not only help your organization define and articulate your CSR commitments, it will also establish and sustain employee interest and enthusiasm for your programs over time. Bill Baker of BB&Co shares three guidelines for using storytelling to engage employees. You can also check out the advice Devon Douglas of BBMG shared on this topic during the 2012 VolunteerMatch Client Summit.

When CR and Business Objectives Conflict
Many companies are hesitant to jump head-first into a CSR commitment, fearing the consequence of increased costs or lost profit. At the Ethical Corporation Responsible Business Summit, a group of practitioners talked about examples and methods to overcome this fear, and move forward in a transparent and business-focused way.

The Evolving Roles of CSR and Corporate Philanthropy
Is CSR philanthropy, and is philanthropy CSR? EarthShare’s Mary MacDonald explores the relationship between CSR, community relations, foundations and more – helping us to think more deeply about the work we do, and how it will evolve in the future.

New Research Reveals Wealthy Consumer Habits toward Social Responsibility
Walmart may be leading the green product revolution by catering to the masses, but a new report shows wealthy consumers are particularly keen on socially responsible products. Surprisingly, they may be shopping at Walmart, too, as the study shows higher income does not translate into a willingness to pay more for responsible products.

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    Caroline Lucas-Conwell on July 7, 2012

    Great idea to have CSR food for thought. Our story counts the debate over alternative commuting and transportation for employees. How RideSpring has attempted to engage employees through an incentive based program to change commute habits while reducing CO2 and reducing costs for organizations in a fun way. But as everyone knows, there are always some unexpected challenges… please check out the lessons learned and story of this green business.

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