CSR Food for Thought: No CSR Benefits without Engagement

29. June 2012 CSR 0

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Deloitte, Ceres Reports Link Long-Term Business Value to Corporate Disclosures
Gaining the benefits of CSR activities takes more than a program. It takes buy-in from key stakeholders such as employees, suppliers and community members in order for a company to see true business gains. In a new report, Deloitte analyzes the impacts these stakeholders can have, and offers recommendations for getting them all working together for the greater good.

International Corporate Volunteerism: Measuring Value Report Released
In addition to its annual International Corporate Volunteerism (ICV) Survey, CDC Development Solutions gathered a group of graduate students from George Washington University to dive a little deeper and measure the value of an ICV program. The full report is free to download, and includes valuable information about the benefits ICV programs for companies, employees and local communities.

Measuring The Social Value Of Corporate Sponsorship
Beverage giant Coca-Cola came under fire for promoting its unhealthy products as a sponsor of the London Olympics. But Coca-Cola has turned this criticism on its head by articulating how sponsorship can act as a catalyst for CSR activities.

Corporate Philanthropy Takes on Courageous Conversations
Each year, the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) gathers more than 200 corporate giving officers to take on “courageous conversations” about the role companies play in their communities. If you missed the live event, CECP Director Margaret Coady shares the event highlights.

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