CSR Food for Thought: Rethinking The Science Of Generosity

27. April 2012 CSR 0

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Rethinking The Science Of Generosity
Is generosity a biological or moral function of humans? VolunteerMatch president Greg Baldwin challenges the theory of biology and explains why there may be more to generosity than what we observe under the microscope.

U.S. Consumers Feel Responsible But Involvement in Social Issues Declines
The fifth annual Edelman goodpurpose study shows a decrease in the number of American consumers involved in causes, yet an increase in the number who believe that they, as individuals, are responsible for tackling societal issues. Consumer wallets are strained and unable to support causes in the same way as in the past, yet an increased feeling of responsibility to help may lead to more time being donated to causes they care about through volunteering. Carol Cone will share more insights from the study in her keynote presentation at the 2012 VolunteerMatch Client Summit.

The Benefits of Letting Consumers Lead
Companies are great at engaging consumers in both service and social good efforts, yet to date it has been companies leading consumers to a conclusion. But when companies give up this control and allow consumers to lead them to potential solutions, the benefit for the company can be even greater.

The Power of Purpose and Values: Leadership Lessons From the Great Place to Work Conference
At the Great Places to Work Conference, a hot topic was the connection between a purpose-driven culture and great places to work. Speakers from Whole Foods Market and the Mayo Clinic discussed the business benefits gained by embedding a higher societal purpose into the structure of a company.

International Corporate Volunteerism: A Game Changer
As companies expand globally, there is also an increase in the number of organizations with international corporate volunteer (ICV) programs, according to CDC Development Solution’s 2012 Benchmarking Survey. At its annual ICV Conference, attendees discussed how to create effective ICV programs and how to overcome the critics of the practice.

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