Webinar Recap: Impact at Work – Driving Positive Change by Encouraging Intrapreneurship

For our Best Practice Network Webinar in April, we talked with Britta Durtsche, senior manager at Net Impact, a nonprofit dedicated to helping companies realize that working hours, not just volunteer hours, can be used to create positive social and environmental change through intrapreneurship.

In the webinar, Britta defines intrapreneurship, and outlines a step-by-step process to help employees realize how they can create social change within their own workplace.

What is an Intrapreneur?

An intrapreneur, according to Net Impact, is “someone within an organization who challenges the status quo while developing and implementing solutions that both benefit the organizations and create a social and environmental impact.” Intrapreneurs take action within their organization’s community through taking on projects that have specific, tangible goals and ways to measure success.

Britta shared a fun and quirky video to help explain the concept of an intrapreneur. You can check it out here.

How to Start a Project

1. Define your project

Brainstorm. Identify some potential projects. Some examples include switching from disposable plastic water bottles for reusable ones or re-energizing efforts towards recycling.

Evaluate the benefits and possible challenges that come with each project to find out which is the most feasible for you. What are your objectives? How will your organization benefit from your project? Will it bring costs down? Improve your brand?

In the end, focus on one project — if this is your first time as an intrapreneur, tackle a smaller, simpler project and then build on small victories.

2. Engage stakeholders

Who will be involved in the project? Who’s interested? Who will be affected by the project’s decision? Who will need some convincing? Build a community from all levels in your company that will help support your project and provide you the resources to help you succeed, and create a solid explanation for those who are either neutral or against your project.

Once you have your project plan mapped out, communicate your message to the stakeholders and supporters so you are all on the same page.

3. Deliver results

Have both short and long term milestones in mind as you execute your project. Chart your progress. Is there a way you can metrically measure success? Identify areas that are working and as well as areas that need to be addressed.

Maintain momentum and employee engagement through celebrating successes and as well as make changes where necessary.

Take a look at the Impact at Work toolkit for some more in depth information, as well as some worksheets to help you out. Don’t forget to follow Net Impact on Twitter at @netimpact!

Watch the webinar below:

VolunteerMatch Solutions BPN Webinar: Creating Impact at Work through Intrapreneurship


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    Rita Soni on April 28, 2012

    We at NASSCOM Foundation (@NASSCOMfdn) love the term social & environmental intrapreneurship and have been promoting it to India’s IT-BPO industry. Not only is there potential for small (important) changes like getting rid of disposable cups, but also large scale conversion to Responsible Business. With that change, we can scale business solutions to social, environmental and economic issues.

    Great initiative, VolunteerMatch & NetImpact! It would be wonderful to find ways to partner to spread this awareness globally.

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