CSR Food for Thought: The Single Best Way To Develop Leadership Skills

30. March 2012 CSR 0

The CSR Food for Thought series is a weekly roundup of relevant news from around the Web, presented to you in one bite-sized blog post.

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How To Launch A Skills-Based Volunteering Program—And Make It Last
Skilled volunteering is regarded as one of the most valuable ways to engage employees.  How do we know? We help companies manage such programs! Our client Morgan Stanley lays out all the detail for running a successful skilled volunteering program. We’re like proud parents!  Stay tuned on Monday, when we feature the company as a 2012 VolunteerMatch Corporate Volunteer Award finalist.

The Single Best Way To Develop Leadership Skills
Aligned with the benefits of skilled volunteering, expert blogger Alice Korngold explains how volunteering can help develop new skills too – particularly leadership. The bottom line: Volunteering helps you develop as a professional while also making a meaningful contribution to your community.

Which Consumers Will Pay More For Social Responsibility?
There is no shortage of CSR related research, but Nielsen’s just-released study seems to cover all the key questions in one global study. Research nerds (like us!) will feast on all the data that paints the picture of the socially conscious consumer. One big surprise? Americans are less willing than many to pay more for socially conscious products.

Top Five Takeaways from the BCCCC’s 2012 Conference
Often regarded as one of the best CSR conferences in the country, we were sad to miss this year’s Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (BCCCC) Conference. Thank goodness for Twitter and blogging! We followed along with the event happenings on Twitter (#BCConf12) and have devoured blog recaps, including our friend Susan McPherson’s top 5 takeaways. You can also check out – and add to – the musings of Dave Stangis from Campbell’s Soup Co.

The CSR Handbook – 50 Resources For Starting CSR Programs
Whether you’re new to CSR or a long-time industry veteran, you will certainly learn something new from this list of CSR resources. Volunteerism may be lacking on the list, but that’s why you have us! Our current favorite volunteer resource is the recording of our January Best Practice Network Webinar where we explored how to build a flexible and sustainable volunteer engagement program.  NOW your library is complete!

Green Doubt: Consumers More Skeptical
Consumers may be more open to companies doing good, but they’re no fools – many are more skeptical than ever about corporate environmental claims. The latest research from Cone Communications lays out the trend, and even highlights that many consumers are willing to punish misleading companies by boycotting their products and services. Ouch!

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