CSR Food for Thought: Volunteering & Non-Cash Assets Core to Corporate Giving

23. March 2012 CSR 0

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Corporate Giving: Philanthropy Without The Money
There is more and more evidence that cash is no longer king in corporate giving. One expert even claims “money is the least valuable social change asset.” Companies today are looking outside the wallet to the other assets their organizations can lend to make a difference, and in turn creating more direct impact on the issues.

Top 10 Ways to Use CSR to Motivate Employees
In order to gain the benefits of employee engagement in CSR – such as retention, productivity and morale – they must first be motivated to take part. Check out some tips from the head of Conifer Health Solutions, showcasing how they get the most from employee CSR programs.

Cross Sector Partnerships: Creating Shared Value through Cultural Collaborations
We can shout all we want about ways to build successful corporate/nonprofit partnerships – but sometimes it’s better to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. JPMorgan Chase, the horse in this case, share’s its tips for success when taking on cross-sector collaborations.

Building Businesses That Stand For Something
There’s a new mantra for business today – one must stand for something more than just selling. External forces require that businesses stand for something bigger and better – think efficiency, value, purpose. Are you keeping up? Join us next week for a free webinar to discuss what B Lab is doing to help companies stand for something more.

Should Your Company Pay for You to Volunteer Abroad?
International volunteering may not work for every company, but it’s clear that volunteering in any form certainly makes sense for most. According to Forbes Insight’s latest report, “The New Paradigm: Volunteerism. Competence. Results.” 72 percent believe the practice is critical to recruiting young talent, and another 72 percent report looking to donate to causes where their employees can also volunteer.

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