CSR Food for Thought: How Do You Know Employee Engagement is Working?

16. March 2012 CSR 0

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How Do You Know If Employee Engagement Is Working?
One best practice for employee engagement that guest speaker Raphael Bemporad of BBMG shared in our February webinar session is to evaluate where your employees are in the CSR continuum. GreenBiz also found surveys to be a key way to evaluate your efforts, monitor progress and evaluate overall success.

Strengthen Your Workforce Through Volunteer Programs
Employee volunteer programs not only builds a sense of community and feelings of goodwill – it also helps companies recruit and retain top talent, especially younger workers.

Why Your Company Should Partner with Rivals
Challenging the conventions of business competition, consultant Eric Lowit argues that companies gain more value than risk when they share CSR innovation or collaborate to create it.

How to Save the World in 3 Easy Steps: Small Business CSR
Some think the CSR club is only for the big-wigs. This article takes the perspective of small organizations, and offers advice for how they can get started in CSR without feeling overwhelmed.

The CEO Challenge: Consumer vs. Investor Relations
At the annual CECP Board of Boards CEO conference last month, nearly 50 global leaders convened to discuss how to balance the conflicting demands of investors and conscious consumers. Not surprisingly, a survey of attendees found that most (45%) believe businesses will lead progress toward long-term societal progress.

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