CSR Food for Thought: Cheaper Than a Pension Fund

10. February 2012 CSR 0

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Corporate Social Responsibility: Cheaper Than a Pension Fund
When you look back in history, CSR programs were created as employee and community relations strategies – not as marketing or sales programs. In the spirit of getting back to the roots of CSR, Dean of the George Washington University School of Business Doug Guthrie schools us all on the true value of CSR programs.

HR Has ‘Critical’ Role in Realizing Business Value Of CSR
This week during the U.K.-based Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) CSR Conference, speakers highlighted the critical role HR practices have on successful CSR programs. Well-developed programs aim to make CSR not just a list of policies, but a shift in organizational culture. Those that are most successful at doing this see the biggest returns, such as Marks and Spencer and BT, which were highlighted in the discussion.

People Before Profit
Echoing trends identified during CIPD, this Sustainable Business Forum article discusses the sad state of today’s work environment, and offers advice for how managers reinvigorate the workforce by putting people before profits. We know the impact a CSR program can have on employee morale, and wonder if it’s the cure for our ailing workforce? Read on and tell us what you think.

The Mash-up Of Games and Cause Marketing
VolunteerMatch’s Shari Ilsen expressed concern this week that brands didn’t take advantage of consumer Super Bowl attention to showcase causes – but it seems that social gaming won’t miss the boat. Blogger Paul Jones discusses how a “mash-up” of causes in social gaming is a growing trend. This trend fits with a cause marketing best practice, where brands are encouraged to engage cause supporters where they’re already active – or in this case, where they’re already playing.

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