CSR Food for Thought: Employees and Consumers Step Up to the Plate

28. October 2011 CSR 0

The CSR Food for Thought series is a weekly roundup of relevant news from around the Web, presented to you in one bite-sized blog post.



Social Responsibility: It’s Not Just for Brands Anymore
Consumers demand businesses today to be socially responsible. But what about the consumers themselves? How will they play a role in making change?

Consumers, Causes and Companies: Four Trends in Cause Marketing
Cause marketing has established its place in the CSR mix over the years – but that doesn’t mean it’s done the same way year over year.  With consumers more demanding and knowledgeable about what is authentic and what is not, blogger Joanne Fritz outlines the four trends she sees taking place.

Unilever Campaign Makes Every Employee ‘Head of Sustainability’’
Unilever understands that employees will drive organizational change. That is why Unilever Australia promoted all staff members to “Head of Sustainability” and equipped each with business cards and job manuals for their new role.

5 Tips to Maximize Your Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts
When working on your CSR strategy, don’t forget about social media! The two projects work together to promote corporate transparency and two-way communication with your stakeholders. Here are some tips as you set your strategy for CSR and social media.

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