CSR Food for Thought: Social and Environmental Professionals Rise to the C-Suite

30. September 2011 CSR 0

The CSR Food for Thought series is a weekly roundup of relevant news from around the Web, presented to you in one bite-sized blog post.


Most Chief Sustainability Officers Close to the Top, Report Finds
Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs) are becoming commonplace in American companies at a growing rate. Yet, surprisingly, many didn’t come from an environmental background. To learn more about how social and environmental professionals are emerging in the C-suite, check out “The CSO Back Story” report from the Weinreb Group.

How Sustainability is Driving Employee Engagement and the Bottom Line
Research shows that employee engagement leads to better business earnings. As it turns out, there is a strong correlation between engaged employees and whether an organization is perceived as socially or environmentally responsible in the marketplace. Coincidence? We think not, but read more to judge the data yourself.

5 Tips for Getting Celebrities Involved With Online Cause Campaigns
There’s a debate among cause marketers about whether having a celebrity spokesperson is worth it or not. Mashable offers some tips to consider before diving in to a celebrity partnership.

Most Americans Believe in Starting Movements Online, Study Finds
With or without celebrity endorsement, consumers see online engagement as a way to further the reach and impact of cause programs. Technology even makes it easier for individuals to participate in cause efforts, such as making donations, finding ways to volunteer or encouraging others to get involved.

Inclusive Business: Moving Beyond Philanthropy

The future of business doesn’t just look more globally connected. It also looks socially and environmentally connected, where business operations support the needs of society and communities where they do business.

Jet-Set Service: International Corporate Volunteering
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