CSR Food for Thought: CSR Pays for Itself

02. September 2011 CSR 0

The CSR Food for Thought series is a weekly roundup of relevant news from around the Web, presented to you in one bite-sized blog post.



CSR Pays for Itself: Here’s the Evidence

Does a CSR program increase shareholder value? One reporter analyzed hundreds of Wall Street Journal articles and corresponding stock prices to find the answer.

Setting Employees Free To Do Good
Another recent study sought to understand the correlation between employee engagement and a company’s CSR efforts. It found your employee volunteer program could have a more profound impact than you originally thought.

Going Beyond CSR Needs Ambition, Innovation and an Excellent Team
Timberland has made its social and environmental commitments core to its operations. Find out how it has harnessed the power of employees and community members to become a renowned CSR leader.

4 Ways to Turn Employees into CSR Evangelists
Employees have the power to make or break your reputation as a good corporate citizen. UPS Director Lynnette McIntire offers steps for how to get employees to not only support but also advocate for your CSR program.

For Brands, Being Human Is the New Black
When communicating your social good efforts, try taking a human approach. IDEO designer Elle Luna notes that when companies embrace qualities like honesty and kindness, consumers are much more likely to respond and pay attention.

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