3 Unique Ways to Use Special Event Manager

Union Bank volunteers at a special eventEmployee Volunteer Program managers often oversee many projects at once, and a tool that manages and tracks volunteer signups and hours can make their projects more successful and their jobs easier. So it’s no surprise that Special Event Manager is one of VolunteerMatch’s most popular Cause & Corporate Volunteer tools. Clients use it to manage day-of-service events and other campaigns with multiple dates and times.

In addition to handling signups, email reminders and hours tracking, Special Event Manager has other features that are sometimes overlooked. Here are some unique ways to use the tool, compiled by our in-house product experts:

1. Special Event Gauges

If you’re running a large campaign and you want to communicate how it’s going, you can display a gauge on your homepage to show total project sign-ups or hours tracked. To set this up, go into the Special Event dashboard, look for the gauge for that Special Event, and choose to place it on the homepage instead of the default homepage gauges, under the Customize tab.

2. Reinforce Your Community

To build team camaraderie, you can allow people to see the first name and last initial (i.e., Alice W.) of others who have signed up for Special Event projects. To try this feature out, contact your Client Relations Manager who can set it up.

3. Opportunity Builder

A great way to encourage engagement with your program is to allow employees to suggest projects for specified Special Events. They fill out a simplified project listing form, which then goes to you for approval/editing before going live. This saves you the time it takes to review suggestions and enter the projects yourself. If you’re interested in more information on this tool, ask your Client Relations Manager about Opportunity Builder.

As always, current clients can attend our live weekly free trainings where you can ask questions and learn about new features. Dates and times are listed under the Resources tab of your VolunteerMatch site. We have even more tips and tricks coming on how to maximize your VolunteerMatch site, so stay tuned.

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