Getting an Employee Volunteer Program Off the Ground: A VolunteerMatch Client Case Study of Exelon Corporation

04. August 2011 Client News 0

We are excited to announce a series of new case studies from the VolunteerMatch corporate client community. The first in this new series explores the employee volunteer program at Exelon Corporation, a VolunteerMatch corporate client. The study illustrates how a formal volunteer program can help strengthen employee morale, measure community impact and improve brand identity.

This case study, Getting An Employee Volunteer Program Off The Ground, provides a scalable example of how a company can invest in its corporate employee volunteer program in order to strengthen key areas of employee engagement and company reputation.

Here are a key few points from the case study:

  • Exelon Corporation (NYSE: EXC) is a leading energy company that in 2010 served 5.4 million customers and earned more than $17 billion in revenues.
  • Exelon invested in the development of a formal employee volunteer program to increase employee morale, help employees develop skills, enable employees to contribute expertise to nonprofit organizations and strengthen the company’s reputation in the community as a public utility. Exelon has a culture and history of giving back to the community, but the company did not know how to get started.
  • Through a partnership with VolunteerMatch, Exelon developed the necessary infrastructure, tools and services to actively and successfully engage its employees in volunteerism.
  • Six years later, Exelon is considered quite a success story, having won VolunteerMatch’s Employee Volunteer Program of the Year in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

You can download and read the full Exelon case study here.

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The Exelon Corporation case study was written by Ashley Jablow, MBA, founder of and current community manager for OpenIDEO.  Thank you Ashley for the wonderful work!

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