Criteria for Determining the VolunteerMatch Employee Volunteer Award Winners

Each year, as we lead up to the VolunteerMatch Client Summit, we begin the process of determining the award winners of our Corporate Volunteer Awards. The Employee Volunteer Program Awards, of which there are two, are determined by four benchmark measurements of activity in VolunteerMatch’s family of employee volunteer programs (for 2010, there were 43 large and 33 small-medium companies). Rankings for each benchmark category are averaged and then ranked again. The winning companies demonstrate excellence in the benchmark categories and outstanding performance in corporate volunteer engagement.

The four benchmarks are:

(1) Program Reach – The percentage of employees at the company that participates in the VolunteerMatch solution; a measurement of communications success and access.

(2) Connection Rate – The percentage of unique visitors that took an action, such as referred /signed-up for a volunteer opportunity, or tracked hours, through the VolunteerMatch solution.

(3) Volunteer Rate – The number of hours tracked through the VolunteerMatch solution for every 1,000 employee volunteers per year at the company.

(4) Volunteer Impact – The average number of hours tracked per employee volunteer. This benchmark is determined by calculating the total number of hours tracked by the total number of employees that participated at the company.

On May 12, 2011, VolunteerMatch will announce the winners of the 2011 Corporate Volunteer Awards at our annual Client Summit in Chicago. Check back with this series of posts for an introduction to the facts and folks behind the ten most effective employee volunteer programs in our family of corporations compared against our 2010 benchmarks for more than 76 companies.

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