Global Strategic Management Institute Hosts CSR Performance Summit ‘CSR & The Sustainability Scorecard’ This October

With the recent public outrage over a lack of transparency at BP and other corporations, there is no denying that a new era of public demand for corporate social responsibility has arrived. In a time when sincere and authentic CSR initiatives are really the only way to capture the attention of a new generation of ethically-minded consumers and employees, and remain competitive, it’s not enough to conduct “business as usual.” Recruiting and retaining workforce talent requires new solutions for creating a gratifying and rewarding work environment.

VolunteerMatch is happy to inform our audience of research and events that can help guide employee volunteer administrators and CSR professionals through these difficult issues. “CSR and the Sustainability Scorecard 2010,” an annual conference by the Global Strategic Management Institute will once again be a great place to unpack some of the ideas and see what’s really working.

The event, which takes place October 26-28 in San Francisco, Calif., brings together seasoned professionals from admired companies to share best practices and insights for building, monitoring and marketing an influential CSR program. As exemplary corporate citizens share internal case studies showcasing the competitive advantages their CSR has brought them, attendees learn how to align and integrate CSR initiatives seamlessly into their current business strategies and transform the way they do business.

At GSMI, the formula is called enlightened self-interest and it will be the key for dramatic growth, performance and security for years to come. Competition is now global; it is important to differentiate business, grow an enduring reputation and thrive with new markets and opportunities. VolunteerMatch has arranged for a discount code for readers, so please contact if you’d like to attend. You can also start your registration HERE.

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    Sankar on October 7, 2010

    Great insights from Megan. Would appreciate if you could supply me with your social media contacts – such as Twitter account or blog URL.

    Thank you,

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    Megan Kelly on October 15, 2010

    Thanks Sankar! No problem- Check out @VM_Solutions, as well as @VMConnect on Twitter and here’s the blog url:

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