CSR Workshop: Improving Your EVP with Incentives

Offering incentives is a great way to motivate people to take action. While many corporate employee volunteer programs have taken advantage of this knowledge, developing an incentive program can be a challenge without the correct resources.

Last month, VolunteerMatch released VolunteerRewards, a “dollars-for-doers” tool that helps corporations manage hours volunteered within their paid-time off or grant programs. VolunteerRewards was developed in response to a trend we noticed among our clients: that formalized incentive programs led to increased volunteering amongst employees.

Nationwide Insurance, a leading insurance provider, runs a robust EVP, the On Your Side Volunteer Network ®, with several incentive components, including a “dollars for doers” program, time off for volunteering, and awards for outstanding service.

Julie VanDeLinder, Manager of the On Your Side Volunteer Network, reports that since last year the company has seen a 30% increase in grant requests, twice as many nominations for the popular Volunteer of the Year award, and tremendous growth in participation at company service events.

VanDeLinder shares some tips for strengthening or starting an incentive program:

  • Create buzz around your program by giving employees “Welcome Kits” upon account activation.
  • Extend grant and volunteer time-off rewards to employee finalists in your Volunteer of the Year program.
  • Send personalized letters from managers and executive staff that acknowledge and applaud hours logged on the network.
  • Devote resources to communications to show that the company is paying attention to employee volunteer efforts.

For more information on other Best Practice Network Webinar Series or to get started with VolunteerRewards, email solutions@volunteermatch.org.

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