Top 10 Cities With the Most Connections (and the Most Popular Nonprofits There)

At VolunteerMatch, a connection equates to the moment a volunteer sends a message to a nonprofit indicating they want to help. Check out the cities with the most volunteers expressing interest in volunteering (keep in mind, population may have something to do with the results – we see you, rural areas!). And, to continue to drive engagement, we’ve listed the nonprofits that received the most connections within these cities. Check out their profiles to see what they’re implementing and sign up to help as most of them are actively recruiting!

10. San Jose, CA 

    1. Alzheimer’s Association, Northern CA and Northern NV
    2. Health 4 Humanity, Inc.
    3. Cityteam
    4. FACTR
    5. Sunday Friends Foundation

9. Denver, CO


    1. Project Helping
    2. Love Hope Strength Foundation
    3. National Jewish Health
    4. Denver Public Schools – Volunteer Services
    5. Central Visitation Program

8. Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, Georgia, Skyline, City, Buildings, Skyscrapers

    1. American Cancer Society, Inc Southeast Region
    2. Furkids, Inc
    3. SNAP-2 IT
    4. Metamorphasis Powerhouse Company
    5. C.H.O.I.C.E.S. [Center Helping Obesity in Children End Successfully]

7. Washington, DC

Washington D.C.

      1. Ganga Library Inc.
      2. Youth For Understanding USA (YFU)
      3. The Survivant Organization
      4. Turning the Page
      5. Young Mothers, Inc

6. Seattle, WA


    1. The Borgen Project
    2. Bloodworks Northwest
    3. Volunteer Services
    4. EarthCorps
    5. Helping Link

5. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco

    1. Mercy Housing California
    2. American Red Cross of Northern California Coastal Region
    3. ONE BRICK
    5. San Francisco Public Library

4. Chicago, IL


    1. Camp One Step
    2. In Her Shoes Foundation
    3. The Well of Mercy
    4. Heartland Alliance Refugee and Immigrant Community Services (RICS)
    5. Mental Health Association GC (MHAGC)

3. San Diego, CA

San Diego

      1. City of San Diego Parks and Recreation Department
      2. Sharp Memorial Hospital
      3. The San Diego River Park Foundation
      4. Meals on Wheels San Diego County
      5. Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, San Diego

2. Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles

    1. CoachArt
    2. Los Angeles Public Library
    3. Kaiser Permanente LAMC
    4. Human Health Project
    5. Chrysalis

1. New York, NY

New York

    1. Crisis Text Line
    2. Girl Scouts of the USA
    3. Changing The Present
    4. iCouldBe
    5. The City Tutors

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