What We’re Listening to This November 🎧: Our Favorite Volunteer Engagement Podcasts

This month’s round-up we’re sharing podcasts – volunteer engagement and nonprofit podcasts, that is! Such great content is coming out of the space, so we’re highlighting three awesome podcasts. Put on your headphones or start a listening session with these releases from nonprofit thought leaders.

Time + Talent Podcast, Season One

Hosted by Jennifer Bennett, VolunteerMatch, and Tobi Jonson, VolunteerPro

The Time + Talent podcast is described as a podcast for leaders of volunteers, focused on sharing successful volunteer engagement strategies. Hosts, Jennifer and Tobi interview volunteer managers who helped transform a variety of institutions like the California State Library system, Beach Cities Health District, Huron River Watershed Council and more! Catch up on insightful conversations and enlightening tips to inspire your program.

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Volunteer Plain Talk

Hosted by Meridian Swift

Meridian Swift is all about real talk, which makes her so relatable in the work of volunteer management. She says what a lot of us are thinking and makes us feel a little less alone when we’re in tough situations. Meridian’s podcast, Volunteer Plain Talk, features interesting discussions with volunteer leaders who have created their own nonprofits and manage successful volunteer engagement programs. Take a listen to the first two episodes of the season, all about volunteer management in Meridian’s quintessential style.

ℹ️ Check out Meridian Swift’s blog of the same name in between listens!

Nonprofits are Messy

Hosted by Joan Garry

Joan’s podcast, Nonprofits are Messy, focuses on all aspects of running a successful nonprofit, from volunteer management to fundraising, to marketing. She sometimes interviews guests in various roles within nonprofits and sometimes shares her expertise on a topic from her years of experience alone. Joan also delves into subjects in the profession that need more discussion, such as diversity with great care.

ℹ️ Ready to jump in? Joan organizes episodes by topic on her page

What have you been listening to lately? Share your favorite volunteer engagement podcasts, articles, and blogs in the comments section below!


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