What We’re Reading This October 📚: Our Favorite Volunteer Engagement Blogs & More

September was jam-packed with webinars from CVA, Jennifer Bennett and we totally understand if you weren’t able to attend all of them. This month’s round-up, we’ve compiled key points and takeaways from each of the volunteer management trainings. Add these to your volunteer engagement toolkit to help implement changes in your organization!

Via the Single Days of Service: Make ‘em Work Webinar

  • Handle ongoing opportunities during a single day by breaking up volunteers in groups and having them handle separate portions of the task.
  • Think through single days of service by starting with the desired impact and outcome instead of tasks. Then make sure to tell the story of how the work has helped your organization. Use the visual aspect of your work to share impact by taking pictures and videos.

Via the Build Staff Buy-In for Volunteer Engagement Webinar

  • Is volunteer engagement part of your organization’s strategic plan or initiatives? If not, start here.
  • Assess where your stakeholders are in the engagement continuum by communicating with paid colleagues like so, “I’m evaluating our volunteer engagement program. I’d love to get your ideas”.
  • Conduct one on one conversations with key stakeholders about their beliefs and experiences with volunteers–try to listen and not judge. This is key to the next step. Group the stakeholders into people who want to be a part of the process, do not want to be part of the process, etc. However, continue to share stories and outcomes because communicating to build buy-in is key.

Via the Successful Volunteer Interview Strategies Webinar

  • When putting up a position description, we want to answer the following:
    • What are our goals for this position?
    • Who will interview them?
    • Who will supervise the volunteer? Would they like to be part of the interview process and help make the final decision?
    • Who will be making the final decision?

Via the Walking the Walk: Engage Volunteers in your Volunteer Engagement Program Webinar

  • When delegating work, support the volunteers, but make it clear where your decision-making authority comes in and where theirs is limited.
  • What activities could you delegate that you do now? One way to evaluate is to think about the skill sets in your team that are missing or you just need more of and seeing where volunteers can fill those gaps.

Via the Successfully Implementing Volunteer Program Changes

  • Change can only happen successfully with collaboration and consensus. Talk to your stakeholders with respect,  listen to their concerns, and brainstorm solutions that will ultimately help everyone stick the change.

Via the Creating a Culture of Volunteer Engagement Webinar

  • A good way to know what your organization values is really where your money is going. Are you funding your beliefs?
  • A culture conducive to volunteer engagement is defined by the goals, values, and beliefs of our organization and your volunteer engagement program. Evaluate cultural change by asking volunteers how they feel by conducting surveys. check-in conversations, etc.

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