What We’re Reading This August 📚: Our Favorite Volunteer Engagement Blogs & More

This month’s round-up we’re sharing volunteer stories and tips! Read up on how some are serving their community past summer’s end and how you can do the same.

Every hour empowers: The difference volunteers can make during back to school season

Paloma Mariz for Reading Partners USA

As summer winds down and back to school season starts, Reading Partners wants you to consider helping students gain confidence in their literacy and comprehension skills in the beginning of the school year. Read up on why volunteer tutors are so important.

ℹ️ There are over 3,000 opportunities to tutor within the U.S. Locate one near you here!

Top Tips for Landing the Perfect Nonprofit Board Seat


Did you know you can gain employable skills sitting on a nonprofit’s board? AICPA identifies actionable steps you can take to land that position and how to gain an invaluable network during your tenure. Enter your location, to view board positions on our site!

ℹ️ Did you know: volunteers are 27% more likely to land a job than non-volunteers?

Want to Get Promoted in the Military? Try This.

Jason Norlund for the Reserve & National Guard Magazine

Jason is an Air National Guard member who decided to volunteer on the board of an organization he cared dearly about. What he found was that he was able to translate the skills he learned while volunteering towards his military career.

What have you been reading lately? Share your favorite volunteer engagement news, articles and blogs in the comments section below!


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