What Does Kindness Look Like?

Guest post by Allie Cashel.

Did you know there’s a direct correlation between seeing images of kindness and compassion and feelings of joy, optimism and gratitude? With photography, you have the power to inspire kindness globally!

The VolunteerMatch community is full of people who are already working to make the world a better and kinder place. By sharing the stories of the good work already happening, you can maximize your impact and spread goodness to people in communities around the world.

That’s why we’re inviting you to participate in a movement to inspire kindness worldwide by entering the 2019 Our World is Kind Photography Contest.

We could all use an extra dose of kindness and compassion. At Envision Kindness, we want to amplify the stories of volunteers and nonprofits, who are working to create social change, with our third annual photography contest and are seeking submissions of images that embody or inspire kindness.

“Every day, people are exposed to negative images, stories and experiences.  These include greed, violence, anger, disaster, etc. We know that this exposure is stressful to the viewer—it causes anger, anxiety, depression, and can affect behavior, disconnecting people from one another,” says David Fryburg, founder of Envision Kindness. “To help counterbalance the negative, we want to share diverse, positive images like those submitted to the contest on a regular basis. We know that these images have great power to bring out joy, gratitude, optimism, love and compassion.”

Last year’s contest received more than 2000 images from 850+ photographers in over 100 countries. There are just a few weeks left to submit, and the Envision Kindness team hopes that this year will garner another wonderful set of inspiring images — many of which we hope will come from volunteers like you!

Entries will be accepted through June 30, 2019. The contest is open to anyone 18 years or older. There’s no fee to enter, and all submissions are eligible to win up to $500 USD in CASH prizes!

What’s even more exciting, we have a new prize this year that’s made especially for folks in the VolunteerMatch community! Our nonprofit prize will be awarded to a powerful image showcasing a nonprofit’s work or impact; 50% of the prize will be awarded to the photographer, and 50% will be awarded to the nonprofit.

Do you know a nonprofit organization whose story needs to be told? Submit a photo celebrating their work to be eligible for this award. Both you AND your favorite organization could take home the prize!

This is your chance to tell a story of positive change! Will you join the movement? Submit to Our World is Kind today and #PictureABetterWorld.