What We’re Reading This June 📚: Our Favorite Volunteer Engagement Blogs & More

Believe it or not, we’re halfway through 2019. And as temperatures rise, volunteer interest often sinks, as many skip town for family vacations and outdoor adventures. Take advantage of this seasonal dip in volunteer interest to reflect on the year so far and brainstorm ideas for moving forward.

This month’s round-up will help you get started. We’re taking an in-depth look into what motivates volunteers and its implications for volunteer recruitment and retention techniques. We’re also sharing tips from volunteer engagement experts to help you improve processes, increase productivity and lead your program forward. Read on for some summer inspiration!

Those Adjectives That Turn Off Prospective Volunteers
Meridian Swift for Engaging Volunteers

How often do you see volunteer recruitment ads that read, “[Insert_adjective] volunteers needed”? Volunteer managers want individuals who are organized, energetic, compassionate, dedicated. But what do any of those adjectives really mean? And will it send the perfect individuals knocking on your door to sign up?

Probably not, says volunteer engagement expert Meridian Swift. Her advice? Tap into prospective volunteers’ motivations and inspire them to get involved with your organization instead. Check out the blog for more wisdom on crafting compelling and high-converting volunteer opportunity descriptions.

Why Volunteers Give Their Time: A Deep Dive
Verified Volunteers staff for Engaging Volunteers

So you read through the previous blog and now you’re wondering what motivates individuals to volunteer anyway. We partnered with Verified Volunteers earlier this year to find out.

Read what volunteers had to say and download the survey results to learn all about the volunteer perspective. The insight provided here will empower you to step up your volunteer recruitment and design attractive volunteer opportunities for your organization.

A Volunteer’s Eye View of…Motivation
Eileen Fielding for Volunteering Counts in Dudley Borough

Volunteer recruitment is, of course, just one piece of the puzzle. The next logical question you might ask is: why do volunteers keep coming back? Finding out what turns some individuals into long-term, committed volunteers will help you retain top talent and build strong relationships.

In this blog, volunteer engagement leader Eileen Fielding shares a series of quotes from volunteers about what motivates them to keep giving their time. Read it for inspiration, then ask your most dedicated volunteers the same question!

Fourth Industrial Revolution “Could Almost Double Volunteering Resource”
Priya Kantaria for Civil Society

Workplace trends, technological advancements and increased life expectancy could lead to an increase in volunteerism, says the chief economist of the Bank of England. Will organizations be ready to take advantage of the heightened interest? A great read for volunteer engagement professionals with an eye on the future of the field!

Avoid Scheduling Headaches with Volunteer Shifts
Elysia Gabe for Engaging Volunteers

The article above suggests leaders of volunteers should start preparing for an influx of volunteer interest. If this sounds too overwhelming, it might be time to refresh your volunteer recruitment and onboarding processes. Start by trying out Volunteer Shifts, the newest tool available to VolunteerMatch Members. Learn how Shifts helps you spend less time coordinating and more time nurturing relationships.

My Top Five Productivity Tips For Leaders of Volunteer Engagement
Rob Jackson for Rob Jackson Consulting

Creating efficient processes is just one part of every volunteer manager’s productivity puzzle. With so many different roles to juggle and fires to put out, how will you ever find time to tackle your ever-growing to-do list?

Simple: take a few minutes to yourself and read this blog. Written specifically with busy volunteer engagement professionals in mind, these easy productivity tips will help you re-focus on your work, drown out distractions and get more done every day. You got this!

How to Develop Bold Volunteer Management Strategies
Tobi Johnson for VolunteerPro

And finally, if volunteer interest at your organization does increase significantly in the future, will you engage volunteers in the same roles you always have? Or will you look for bold and innovative ways to tap into volunteer talent and enact real change?

As a leader of volunteers, your vision will guide and grow your volunteer program. To help you on this mission, our friends at VolunteerPro put together this excellent resource and worksheet to help you define your dreams, build buy-in and lead the way forward.

What have you been reading lately? Share the best volunteer engagement articles you read this month in the comments section below!