Our 10 Most Popular Engaging Volunteers Posts in 2018

Over the course of the last year, we brought you tips, news, best practices and stories about all things volunteer-related from VolunteerMatch staff, experienced thought leaders, social good organizations and talented guest writers.

As you reflect on 2018 and prepare for what’s next, catch up on the “Engaging Volunteers” blogs readers like you enjoyed the most.

Top 10 Articles of 2018 on “Engaging Volunteers”

  1. Recognizing the Magic of Nonprofit Volunteers and Those Who Lead Them
    Industry Research
    The Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (MAVA) conducted a study in June 2017 to better understand the biggest challenges facing volunteer managers. The results confirmed what many volunteer engagement professionals already know to be true — that more work needs to be done to highlight the importance of volunteers and build respect for the people who manage them. Check out the blog to learn more about the report’s findings and recommendations moving forward.
  1. 10 Ways You Can #GiveTime Over the Holidays
    Inspiration, Resources for Volunteers
    For the second year in a row, we joined forces with our friends at U.S. Bank to encourage people to #GiveTime in honor of #GivingTuesday. This year, we focused on what’s near and dear to many during the holiday season — home. Here are ten impactful ways to make home possible over the holidays and beyond.
  1. 4 Ways to Empower Volunteers to Be Champions for Your Cause
    Volunteer Management
    Engaged volunteers are happy volunteers, and happy volunteers help you grow your program. By building and nurturing volunteer relationships, you can empower your volunteers to forward your mission. Here are 4 ways to recognize volunteers.
  1. Our Favorite Conference for Leaders of Volunteers Is Back!
    Events & Conferences
    Did you attend the 2018 Volunteer Engagement Leadership conference hosted by MAVA? Our post announcing the conference and offering early bird registration was one of our most popular posts of the year, proving just how needed this conference was. Which conferences and events will you be attending in 2019?
  1. 4 Ways to Maximize Your Charitable Impact
    Resources for Volunteers
    As the years go by, it’s becoming more and more clear that volunteers are no longer content with simply being helpful. Instead, they’re looking for ways they can make a real difference in the world. This post addresses just that by providing tips on how volunteers can step up their charitable game.
  1. Writing the Perfect, Targeted Volunteer Opportunity
    Attracting Volunteers
    Slapping together a volunteer opportunity and posting it on VolunteerMatch will get your organization seen, but it won’t help you recruit the right volunteers unless you’re able to communicate who you’re looking for in an appealing and inviting way. This excellent resource will help you recruit better volunteers online or otherwise.
  1. Volunteering Trends You Should Know in 2018
    Volunteer Management
    With technological advancements, generational shifts and societal changes, the social good landscape is constantly changing. In order to remain relevant and attract the volunteers you need, it’s important to understand new trends in volunteering. Here were some shifts we forecasted in 2018. Did they hold true? And what’s in store for 2019? Share your thoughts in the comments.
  1. 10 Ways to Volunteer From Home
    Resources for Volunteers
    Technology has made giving back more convenient. At VolunteerMatch, we’re committed to helping individuals find the right volunteer opportunity for them based on their skills, availability and interests. And if transportation or time is an obstacle to addressing your community’s needs, we shared a list of some impactful virtual volunteer opportunities you can sign up for so you can give back wherever and whenever works for you.
  1. Top 7 Myths About Volunteering Debunked
    Resources for Volunteers
    One of the most common myths about volunteering is that there aren’t that many people willing to give their time for free to a worthy cause. But according to the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), more than 62 million people volunteered in the U.S. in 2016. In our second most popular blog post of the year, we dive into seven misconceptions about volunteering and help volunteers get started on the right foot.
  1. 5 Ways to Help Communities Affected by Hurricanes (and Other Natural Disasters)
    Resources for Volunteers
    Unfortunately, 2018 was marked by an alarming display of destructive natural disasters — from extremely powerful hurricanes to catastrophic wildfires — that left a path of ruin in their wake. As always, we’re in awe of and inspired by our community’s willingness to take action. Our most popular blog of the year provided actionable advice on how to help communities affected by disasters. A huge thank you to all those who stepped up and continue to support the recovery efforts across the country.

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