[Podcast] The Internet Is Changing Volunteerism

In the latest episode of U.S. Bank’s Power of Possible podcast, our very own Greg Baldwin chats with U.S. Bank National Community Relations Manager Erica Opstad about the current state of volunteerism.

“It’s never been easier to find [a volunteer opportunity] that is personally relevant and meaningful to you,” Greg states in the episode.

The series features discussions between U.S. Bankers and industry leaders, who share their perspectives and tips on a variety of topics — from personal finance to community involvement — in practical ways people can apply to their day-to-day lives.

Listen now to hear more from Greg about how the internet has revolutionized the way people connect to organizations in their community, what’s next for volunteerism and how you can get involved.

Then visit VolunteerMatch.org to find a meaningful opportunity in your community. And to hear more episodes of the Power of Possible podcast, subscribe in the podcast app in iTunes or Google Play.