Volunteer Engagement Bloggers: On Our 20th Birthday, We’re Celebrating You!

On April 25, 2018, VolunteerMatch will celebrate its 20th birthday! Yay!

But we’re the first to admit, we wouldn’t be here without you: the volunteers and leaders of volunteers that continually work to make our world a better place.

Yes, you! Another group that’s been with us for the long haul? Our wonderful community of guest bloggers! Since 2009, this ambitious group of thought-leading contributors have solidified “Engaging Volunteers” as a go-to resource for all things volunteering.

So, in honor of our upcoming 20th birthday (gosh, we’re getting old!), we want to take this opportunity to say “thanks!”. Here’s a look back at the 20 most-read guest blog posts over the years (counting down from least to most popular). You’ll not only have a fun time seeing how volunteer engagement has changed over the years, but you’ll also find a plethora of takeaways that are still relevant today.

  1. 4 Techniques To Boost Volunteer Engagement by Jeff Gordy (September 2016)
    “While a lot of nonprofits have highly developed strategies in place for engaging donors, many haven’t put as much thought into how to engage their volunteers…” Read more.
  1. Top 7 Myths About Volunteering Debunked by Lauren Buckler (February 2018)
    “One of the most common misconceptions about volunteering is that there are not many people willing to give their time and effort to a worthy cause…” Read more.
  1. Encourage The Young Ones: Inspiring Students To Volunteer by Nicole Boyer (January 2017)
    “Volunteering is more than spending one’s time actively participating in selfless acts or activities that benefit other people…” Read more.
  1. 5 Ways To Get Volunteers For Your Next Fundraiser by Gregg Michaelsen (March 2012)
    “Setting up a fundraiser is hard work. Sure, you probably have a lot of fundraising ideas right now…” Read more.
  1. How To Measure The Success Of Your Volunteer Program by Shawn Kendrick (May 2012)
    “Key performance indicators, often referred to as KPIs, are an essential part of any nonprofit program…” Read more.
  1. Volunteers Are The Backbone Of Nonprofit Organizations by Jason Miner (April 2013)
    “With National Volunteer Week approaching, and events in Boston and Texas reminding us of the importance of community…” Read more.
  1. 6 Ways Nonprofits Can Prevent Volunteer Burnout by Rob Ortiz (December 2013)
    “Volunteers represent the heart and soul of any functioning nonprofit, but we should always remember that they’re not paid staff…” Read more.
  1. 5 Ways To Communicate The Meaning And Value Of Your Volunteers’ Contribution by Sandra Weiss (April 2012)
    “When discussing volunteer recruitment, management and retention practices, much has been written about the motivations of volunteers…” Read more.
  1. 8 Creative Ways To Show Volunteer Appreciation by Chris Martin (September 2015)
    “Gratitude is the most powerful thing in the world. It’s said that it’s not happy people who are thankful…” Read more.
  1. 6 Ways To Keep Your Volunteers Engaged by Wendy Kirwan (January 2013)
    “Like many nonprofits, volunteers are our most valuable asset here at Kars4Kids…” Read more.
  1. Why Prisons Need More Volunteers by Mila Sanchez (June 2016)
    “It’s easy to think about volunteering in places like hospitals, food banks, schools, and animal humane societies…” Read more.
  1. How To Include Volunteer Experience On Your Resume by Mary Frenson (August 2016)
    “Volunteering can be a fantastic way to spend your time. You get to learn new skills, build friendships…” Read more.
  1. 5 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Lose Volunteers by Isabel Williams (February 2015)
    “Recruiting volunteers is one thing – making sure that they continue to be interested in what you’re doing is another…” Read more.Surprisingly easy ways to lose volunteers
  1. 5 Ways To Attract Young People To Your Nonprofit by Tess Pajaron (May 2015)
    “Many organizations struggle to attract young people – a group that typically has both the strength and endurance…” Read more.
  1. 5 Ways To Inspire Teenagers To Take A Step Towards Community Service by Aileen Pablo (September 2012)
    “Most parents can’t even get them to tidy up their rooms, so what are your chances of motivating teenagers…” Read more.
  1. 5 Ways To Motivate Your Nonprofit’s Volunteers by Kelly Smith (February 2015)
    “Volunteering has become a popular solution for people who not only have got some time on their hands…” Read more.
  1. 10 Tips For Keeping Your Volunteers Motivated And Happy by Natalie Bracco (June 2012)
    “No company can be successful without the right employees working behind the scenes…” Read more.
  1. A Volunteer Communications Strategy: 13 Steps To Driving Recruitment, Engagement And Leadership by Nancy E. Schwartz (June 2018)
    “When it comes to recruiting and motivating volunteers to ever higher and more effective levels of engagement…” Read more.
  1. Dylan ManderlinkWhat I Learned From Volunteering by Dylan Manderlink (August 2014)
    “This post should really be called: ‘How I learned more about my community and humanity once I stepped outside my college classroom’…” Read more.
  1. 9 Quotes To Inspire Your Volunteers (And Yourself!) by Lesley J. Vos (August 2015)
    “Even the most devoted volunteers experience a lack of inspiration and motivation from time to time…” Read more.

Phew! Looks like “5” is a popular number to include in post titles! Thanks for making it this far.

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