Deliver Essential Information to Volunteers with Document Manager

Deliver Essential Information with Document Manager

From volunteer recruitment to engagement and retention, volunteer managers are busy, and they juggle multiple competing priorities. That makes streamlining your efforts wherever possible all the more important.

VolunteerMatch has a great set of tools that eliminate redundant busy-work, save you loads of time, and help you communicate effectively with potential volunteers.

Take Custom Greetings and Document Manager, for example, which allows you to automatically deliver important information to volunteers up front. By connecting interested volunteers with essential information at the right time, you can manage expectations and create a great first impression.

In this post, we’ll highlight best practices for leveraging Document Manager to its fullest.

About Document Manager

Document Manager saves you time by ensuring documents are uploaded, stored, and shared seamlessly. Along with a Custom Greeting, you can attach and automatically deliver up to three documents to prospective volunteers when they express interest in your volunteer opportunity.

More than 2,000 VolunteerMatch Members use Document Manager to deliver volunteer applications, such as:

  • Detailed position descriptions: make sure volunteers know exactly what they’re signing up for and what’s expected of them.
  • Background check forms: if you require background checks for volunteers, kickstart the screening process by sending them relevant information right away.
  • Training materials: some positions require specific skills and training. If you have a training packet or reading material they can get started on, attach it here!
  • Volunteer Handbooks, applications, information sheets, and waivers: speed up the onboarding process by automatically sharing these important and useful documents.

If you’re hosting a gala or event, you could opt for including your event’s flyer or a map of the location. And if you accept in-kind donations, you could provide a checklist of items that are both welcome and appreciated.

As mentioned, VolunteerMatch Members can attach up to three documents per volunteer opportunity, and deliver them automatically every time a volunteer expresses interest. We’ve also increased the storage size of each document to 1.5MB, so you could store up to 20 documents in all your favorite formats. VolunteerMatch Member Carol Thompson of Tru Community Care says, “The ease of recruiting is supported by your website. You reach volunteers I might not otherwise reach, and I like how quick and easy it is to send a personal response.”

Existing members, learn more about Document Manager in our help center.

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