Make a Great First Impression with Custom Greetings

Make a Great First Impression with VolunteerMatch Member Custom Greetings!

Communication is the key to any thriving relationship. It can be the difference between volunteer retention and attrition.

Good communication includes checking in with volunteers frequently and asking for feedback. And in the same way it’s important to make the right first impression, your first greeting is an important step in converting prospective volunteers into people who are eager to support your organization.

That’s why we created Greeting Manager and made it available to VolunteerMatch Members. With Greeting Manager, you can curate custom messages that are automatically delivered to potential volunteers when they express interest in your volunteer opportunities. Here’s how it works.

About Greeting Manager

You can save time by creating one custom greeting for all of your opportunities, or craft up to 20 different custom greetings to personalize each opportunity. Greeting Manager messages are made up of four components, which we’ve highlighted below along with a few quick tips on making each component impactful:

  • Subject Line: stand out in your volunteers’ inbox by making your greeting catchy and attention-grabbing! Brevity is key.
  • Message: include any information your volunteers need to know, such as next steps for getting started, how to contact you, or when to expect a response.
  • Button Name: we recommend action-oriented copy.
  • Button URL: direct volunteers to your website, send them to an online application, link to engaging videos, and more.

Example of the VolunteerMatch Platform

With these tips in mind, customize your message based on what volunteers might find most relevant. Consider adding a link to your organization’s website or video, a map of your location, contact information, volunteer tips, or a volunteer application.

If you’re crafting a more robust communications pipeline to help remain in touch with volunteers, then a call-to-action inviting volunteers to sign up for your newsletter, join a Facebook volunteer group, or follow your organization on social might be beneficial. Create avenues that encourage transparent feedback from staff and volunteers around your messaging, such as a survey, then analyze and incorporate that feedback to create more need-specific messaging.

Quote on VolunteerMatch Member ServicesMore than 2,000 organizations on VolunteerMatch are already making the most of custom greetings. Success Beyond the Classroom’s Julie Schaal says “The customized email greeting saves me time because it auto sends a link to our application; I do not have to send a separate email with that info.”

“It used to take up to a week for me to respond to volunteer inquiries,” Julie adds. “I still follow-up on VolunteerMatch leads, but the auto email ensures volunteers get an immediate response right away with next steps.”

Coach Ron Crockett of Pasadena-Altadena Community Youth Association says, “[Custom Greetings] saves us time so we can provide services to help our beloved homeless U.S. Veterans and other homeless people.” And Melanie Goodyear of Jericho Road Pasadena adds “VolunteerMatch makes it so easy to ask for exactly what we need and inform volunteers of expectations; that results in better matches and less time getting volunteers up and running.”

To help you make the most of our platform, we offer additional support for VolunteerMatch Members through our Help Center articles and Learning Center webinars. If you’re looking to address and resolve your volunteer recruitment challenges, learn how becoming a VolunteerMatch Member can help.