Bringing Remarkable People and Causes Together

By Greg Baldwin, president, VolunteerMatch.

Nonprofits are on a mission to improve lives and create a better world. The volunteers that hope to join them also want to change the world.

It’s imperative that they find each other; it’s a lost opportunity when they don’t.

That’s where VolunteerMatch comes in: VolunteerMatch brings volunteers and nonprofits together, matching inspired people to inspiring causes through the web’s number one volunteer engagement network. Born in 1998, we have welcomed over 100M users, serve more than 115,000 nonprofits and have nearly 3.9M active opportunities for you to make a difference as a volunteer.

We know when people make contributions that affect others, they become renewed in health and spirit. Their lives are richer, they’re more fulfilled, and they gain a greater sense of purpose.

The organizations and causes they work with become richer, too. They benefit from extended reach and impact, and a greater opportunity to effect positive change in their communities.

When remarkable people and causes come together, remarkable outcomes ensue.

This is what VolunteerMatch is all about, and today, we are celebrating the first release of a series of major improvements we have planned for the VolunteerMatch platform. Check out the difference by moving the slider back and forth:


For volunteers, we are working to make it easier to explore and discover opportunities to make a difference — whether you are browsing on your phone or laptop. We’ve simplified search to make it easier to get started, and organized everything by cause area on the homepage so volunteers can put their time and talent to good use for the issues they care about most.

For nonprofits, we are working to make it easier to attract and engage the volunteers you need. We are enhancing our user experience to make our full suite of services more accessible and easier to understand. Soon, you’ll enjoy a redesigned nonprofit dashboard that gives you convenient access to the tools and reports you need to streamline the busywork of volunteer engagement — so you’re left with more time to spend on the things that matter.

To better reflect our focus on you, and our commitment to bringing people together to make a difference, we’ve also retired our vintage “five-hands” logo and replaced it with a simple icon that embodies our purpose and values.

New VolunteerMatch Logo

All these changes mean growing pains for a while. While we’ve done everything we can on our end to make sure we are making our service better for you, we understand that, with change, come questions (and sometimes bugs).

Folks from our support team are just a click away, and would love to answer any questions you may have or follow up on any bugs you may find.

If you are new to VolunteerMatch, we invite you to come and create an account, post a volunteer opportunity, and let us know what you think of our new site!

If you are a long-time user, we hope you will come back and take a fresh look at the services we offer and take advantage of our very best features and functions.

Once you do, we have a feeling you will be as excited about the improvements as we are.