Brett Kremer, Hunger-Fighting Producer Extraordinaire

Brett Kramer
Brett Kremer

After Thanksgiving 2011, The Fellowship Cup — a food pantry in Henry County, Iowa — found their shelves bare. After donating countless Thanksgiving baskets to members of their community struggling with food insecurity, they needed a way to quickly replenish their stock.

That’s where Brett Kremer came in.

Brett used to be a traveling artist, often applying his musical and event-planning skills to put on benefit events. For The Fellowship Cup, which is located in Brett’s hometown, he put on a benefit concert which ended up being his favorite show of all time!

Brett brought his event planning skills acquired from years of putting on shows. He even offered to pay for the concert’s equipment, but a local equipment supplier refused his payment, opened up their shop, and let him pick anything he needed for the show.

“All of the musicians donated their time and talents,” says Brett.

“Canned goods were the currency for entry to the concert,” adds Brett. “It was a great success! Lots of food arrived, and somebody even brought 80 cans worth! What a way to return to my hometown! Everybody had a good time, and we all helped put food into less fortunate bellies.”

As a child, Brett remembers visiting his mother alongside his siblings. “She would go to the food pantry before we came to make sure we were well-fed if she was low on cash,” Brett says. “[By volunteering], it felt good to be able to help them back.”

Thanks to Brett’s suggestion and showmanship, this hunger-fighting organization’s shelves were restocked in a matter of days! Want to share your remarkable volunteer story? Fill out and submit this form for a chance to be featured.

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