#2017NationalSummit Blogger Recaps

Did you attend the 2017 National Summit on Volunteer Engagement?

At this much-needed event, held on July 26-28 in St. Paul, Minnesota, over 500 leaders of volunteers came together to further the field of volunteer engagement. Many of them have shared their experiences via blog posts and other mediums. We’ve compiled a list of these insights and takeaways from the event.

Whether or not you attended the Summit, you can use this list to continue the momentum of the Summit, and for a dose of volunteer management inspiration whenever you need it. After all, we’re not alone. Together, we have a common goal to leave the field better than we found it.

We’ll continue to keep this list updated as more blogs and recaps are published. If you’d like to add a post to the list, please let us know.

Summit Wrap Up Report
This is the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration’s (MAVA) official post-Summit wrap up report. Read their conference review, observed themes, and next steps. Then, help keep up the collaboration by downloading their post-Summit to-do list.

“We Needed This!” And Other Takeaways From The #2017NationalSummit
CVA and Volunteer Services Program Coordinator Liza Dyer notes her top five takeaways from the Summit (though there were so many more), and five action items she plans to take as a result of her Summit learnings.

Do You Have One of These? The Relationship that Propels a Volunteer Manager Forward
Twenty Hats blogger Elisa Kosarin highlights her biggest takeaway from the event. She stresses the importance of having a mentor in the field — a leader to look up to — and of finding ways to source opportunities for professional development.

Let’s Leave Volunteer Management in Better Shape Than We Found It
Imagine the future of volunteer engagement if each one of us leaves volunteer management in better shape than we found it. This is the future Meridian Swift envisions in her post-Summit VolunteerPlainTalk blog post.

Three Great Days: Reflections after the Summit on Volunteer Engagement Leadership
Long-time volunteer management expert Susan J. Ellis’ Summit reflections on Energize, Inc. are a must-read!

Dear Leader of Volunteers: You Are Not Alone
If you ever feel alone when it comes to what you do, then Meredith Donovan’s post is for you. By highlighting the importance of connections, professional development, and blogger resources, you’ll remember why you became a leader of volunteers in the first place!

My Goals for Mapping our Future and Strengthening our Voice as Volunteer Engagement Professionals
CVA and volunteer management expert Jerome Tenille shares his post-Summit plans to advocate for the profession, mentor others in the field, and seek new ideas to further the profession.

How About a Little More Love for the LoVE Profession?
Thought leader Barry Atland stresses the importance of developing ourselves professionally — whether through training offered by AL!VE or by earning your Certificate in Volunteer Administration (CVA); or preferably, both — in this post-Summit recap.

Farmers & Chefs
In her post-Summit reflections, Erin Spink explores an interesting analogy: how the relationship between leaders of volunteers and volunteerism and volunteering is that of a chef to a farmer.

National Summit on Volunteer Engagement Leadership Recap
Anti-Cruelty Society Director of Community Programs Lydia Krupinski shares her takeaways from the Summit.

Have your own Summit reflection to share? Let us, and your peers, know by posting in the comments section below!