How to Recruit More Volunteers in Less Time

According to the 2017 Volunteer Management Progress report, volunteer managers still list volunteer recruitment as their #1 biggest challenge. We understand recruiting volunteers takes time.

That’s why we work hard to make our platform work for you. How? By expanding the reach of each of your volunteer opportunities, for one. Volunteer opportunities posted on VolunteerMatch are mirrored to a growing pool of network partners, such as LinkedIn’s Volunteer Marketplace, and offered to nearly three million employees at companies including Starbucks, Groupon, and JetBlue.

That’s also why we created VolunteerMatch Premium — to make volunteer recruitment quicker and easier than ever before.

What is VolunteerMatch Premium?

With ten tools assembled for the busy volunteer manager, Premium helps you recruit and retain more quality volunteers in less time.

  1. Reposting Privileges: Newer volunteer opportunities display higher on search. With reposting privileges, get more visibility by keeping your opportunities at the top of search results.
  2. Custom Greeting Manager: Give volunteers a personal welcome when they express interest; add links and attachments to create more engaging greetings.
  3. Custom Questionnaires: With custom questionnaires, save time and pre-screen volunteers up front without the email back-and-forth.
  4. Document Manager: Store and send important documents, such as a volunteer registration forms, questionnaires, or information sheets.
  5. Donation Solicitation*: Let VolunteerMatch Premium subscription pay for itself! Two-thirds of volunteers donate money to the same organizations they volunteer for (yes, you read that right). Donation solicitation lets you raise money effortlessly by featuring donation links on pages volunteers regularly visit.
  6. Promote Your Listings: Does your organization have a website of its own? Post a volunteer opportunity on VolunteerMatch once and seamlessly embed it to your website. We’ll take care of all the interests.
  7. Expanded Photo Manager: Opportunities with photos — stock, logos, or other graphics — are more engaging. Store up to 20 on your account with this Premium feature.
  8. Advanced Reporting: Export volunteer information and glean insight into the successes of your recruitment efforts with monthly performance summaries delivered to your inbox.
  9. Duplicate Opportunities: Copy an existing opportunity; change only what you need.
  10. 15% Discount on Multi-ZIP Opportunities: Expand your opportunities’ coverage to multiple ZIP codes at a discounted price exclusive to VolunteerMatch Premium account holders.

VolunteerMatch Premium is available for just $9.95 p/month or $99 p/year. Need help securing budget from your leader(s)? Show them this one-pager to help make your business case.

As a fellow nonprofit, your Premium purchase helps fund our work and keeps VolunteerMatch accounts free for governments, schools, and nonprofits. Not interested in making the switch just yet? Consider a friendly donation — chip in to support our work!

Making the Upgrade

A VolunteerMatch Premium account provides you with tools designed to help you better recruit and manage your volunteers. If you haven’t done so already, first, you’ll need to create a basic VolunteerMatch account.

Once your account has been approved, you’re ready to make the upgrade. To upgrade:

  1. Log into your VolunteerMatch account.
  2. Select “Premium” from the left-hand menu, then click “Learn More.”

    Left Sidebar of VolunteerMatch
  3. Select “Start Today” and either choose a monthly or annual membership, then click “Continue.”   
    Start Today
  4. Determine your payment option — credit card, PayPal, or check/money order (please note: we only accept check/money order payment for amounts over $50.00).
  5. Complete and review your billing information, then select “Place Your Order.” You’ll receive a copy of your receipt to the email address you registered with.

Then, begin enjoying all the fabulous recruiting features VolunteerMatch Premium has to offer! Have a question or want to learn more about Premium before making up your mind? Our support team is standing by to help — drop them a line.

*Must be an eligible, tax-exempt organization.