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Looking for free professional development this summer?

You’re in luck! VolunteerMatch’s Senior Manager of Education & Training, Jennifer Bennett, is presenting 20 free webinars — that I’ll be facilitating — from May through August on the VolunteerMatch Learning Center. With an increase in people wanting to volunteer and your VolunteerMatch volunteer opportunities showing up in more places, volunteer managers are understandably busy. Create an even greater impact on your community by brushing up on volunteer recruitment, engagement, and retention best practices.

The learning season begins on Tuesday, May 9 with a training for those who are new to the field of volunteer management or who are looking for a refresher on the basics. Jennifer will share what the three primary Rs — recruitment, retention, and recognition — mean to volunteer management and distribute a “starter pack” of templates, such as a program evaluation checklist, sample position descriptions, and volunteer handbook. Once you’ve mastered the basics, register for this webinar that’ll help you create a comprehensive and engaging volunteer training program and this one that helps you determine the right criteria for measuring program success.

Next up, on Tuesday, May 16, we’ll present one of my favorite topics: “Engaging the Volunteer of the Future. By attending this training, you’ll learn how to create desirable volunteer opportunities that new and upcoming volunteers want. Expanding on this webinar, “Writing Accurate and Useful Volunteer Position Descriptions and “Telling the Story of Volunteer Impact will help you craft position descriptions that recruit the right volunteers for your program and share compelling narratives that illustrate their powerful work beyond numbers, respectively.

If you get nervous conducting interviews (as I often do), on Thursday, May 18, we’ll share strategies for honing your volunteer interview skills, giving you the confidence you need. “Social Media and Volunteer Engagement, our most popular webinar, is back this season, too! If you’re unfamiliar with how platforms — such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn — can recruit and engage volunteers, I highly encourage you to attend this webinar.

And if you’re struggling with retaining volunteers or keeping them engaged in your program, this webinar on Tuesday, June 13 is for you. Last, but certainly not least, if you’re having trouble securing leadership buy-in for an idea or adoption from others in your organization, Jennifer will share insight on how to do just that with “Build Staff Buy-In for Volunteer Engagement on Tuesday, June 27.

Visit our Learning Center to register for as many webinars as you’d like and to see 10 more webinars happening this summer. Have a webinar topic you’d like to see us cover? Share it with us in the comments section below!