What Do People Think of When They Think of Volunteers?

Kindness, compassion, enthusiasm. Necessary, irrepressible, magnanimous.  Angels, lifesavers, heroes.

What are we talking about? Volunteers of course!

As National Volunteer Week 2017 comes to a close, we want to share some of the amazing things people have said about volunteers.

All week, we asked people to comment, email, or tweet one word that comes to mind when they think of volunteers. We compiled these entries into an all-encompassing word cloud, and the results are truly beautiful:

Word Cloud: What Comes to Mind When You Think of Volunteers?

If you don’t know how a word cloud works, it’s like this: The larger the word, the more times it was submitted. That means compassionate and caring were the most common words people sent us. Not a bad way to be thought of, am I right, volunteers?

We hope you look to this word cloud of positivity whenever you need a little inspiration in your work. Then hop on over to VolunteerMatch.org to find your next volunteer opportunity or — if you’re a nonprofit — your next volunteer.

From all of us at VolunteerMatch, we hope your National Volunteer Week was as fabulous as you!

Missed your chance to contribute? Share your word in the comments below.