6 Ways to Grab the Attention of Donors on the Go

How to Grab Donors' AttentionGuest post by Janice Kersh

Your organization is a well-oiled machine made up of volunteers, paid staff, board members and administrators, and — most notably in this post — donors. In order to keep your nonprofit engine running, you need donations to take care of your financial needs.

Today, many potential donors are on the move, changing locations for business travel or bouncing around virtually from place to place on the web. So, how can you capture their attention?

The donors we refer to below aren’t the ones likely to attend in-person fundraisers or benefit-events. You’ll need to narrow your fundraising tactics down to those that work for busy and fast-moving people.

  1. Email Newsletter — Your email list is one of your organization’s most valuable assets. Some people will say that email doesn’t work for them, but it is a powerful tool to be used in lead capture, conversion, and relationship building. 35% of business professionals (your donors included) check email from a mobile device. So, when soliciting donations, leverage email marketing (and make it responsive!).
  1. Text Message Campaigns — You can explore this method through a bulk SMS platform like Text Magic or by using an app like Mass Text on your smartphone. Either way, text messaging is a great way to engage donors. Because of the nature of cell phones, text messages are the most likely way to ensure that your message gets read. Try directing recipients to a well-designed landing page using a shortened URL. This is a great tactic for organizations to track clicks while raising funds for a new project.
  1. Facebook — From an advertising perspective, Facebook is arguably notoriously difficult to figure out. But those that are successful reap immense benefits. There are new tools on this platform, designed specifically for nonprofits. If you aren’t leveraging Facebook or other social media platforms in your strategy, check out these tips for getting started.
  1. Crunchbase — Crunchbase is a platform designed for businesses, donors, and nonprofits to connect with one another. You can establish mutually beneficial relationships by taking full advantage of all the site has to offer.
  1. Blog — Your blog is great for building an email list, directing traffic to your landing page, and even attracting donors. If you want to appeal to potential donors, think of ways that you can help them out with helpful information sharing. Write articles, create infographics and videos, and tug on their heartstrings through rich, compelling content.
  1. Digital Incentives — By offering digital incentives for donors (badges, education, etc.) you are giving people a reason — beyond philanthropy — to help you out. Brainstorm a helpful service or product you might be able to offer to potential donors.

There is also one important rule you should follow no matter what fundraising tactic you choose: personalize your message. If you’re experiencing trouble with personalizing, employ the help of volunteers or professionals through services like VolunteerMatch, Upwork, Essay Writer, or Toptal.

Finally, be creative! Try to get some details about your donors, then to pick the medium and platform that works best for you, your audience, and your message.

Author Bio: Janice Kersh is a freelance content writer who loves volunteering in education.