[Infographic] Debunking Common PSA Myths for Nonprofits

They only air at night when everyone else is asleep. They’re only available on smaller stations and have limited reach.

Have you heard these or other common misconceptions about PSAs? In reality, public service announcements (PSAs) are an effective and cost-conscious marketing tool for nonprofits to reach potential supporters.

Every year, Connect360 analyzes a vast amount of data from its clients PSAs to help demonstrate when and where these PSAs air. The results clearly show: the value and effectiveness of PSAs have never been stronger.

connect360 infographic

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Key 2016 Findings

  • 72% of television PSA airings and 57% of radio PSA airings occurred during waking dayparts — dispelling a common misconception that PSAs air only in the overnight hours when most are sleeping.   
  • 42% of television PSA airings and 71% of radio PSA airings took place in the top 100 media markets, like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Interested in creating a PSA or looking to develop an effective PSA marketing campaign for an existing PSA? Please connect with Julie Ellman, 650-579-7811, jellman@c360m.com to learn how Connect360 can help.