12 Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness DayHave you heard of Random Acts of Kindness Day?

It’s an entire day of the year dedicated to celebrating kindness. A full day where good deeds reign; one where ordinary citizens turn good samaritans by paying it forward to a friend or total stranger in their community. Today, Friday, February 17, happens to be that day.

Fortunately, Random Acts of Kindness Day doesn’t require much preparation. And even the smallest act of kindness can help make someone’s day. Commit an act of kindness when it seems fit or choose a random act of kindness from the list below. Then get out there and help make our world a better place.

  1. Send birthday cards to seniors.
  2. Hold an umbrella over a stranger.
  3. Lift veteran morale by adopting a hero.
  4. Buy a fellow volunteer or co-worker lunch.
  5. Offer to drive a cancer patient to treatment.
  6. Share your skills with a small business owner.
  7. Share something positive and uplifting on social media.
  8. Donate food to a food bank or pantry in your community.
  9. Donate funds to your favorite nonprofit (or to VolunteerMatch!)
  10. If you own a business or have a skill, offer up a product or service for free.
  11. Reach out to your favorite nonprofit and tell them they’re doing a great job.
  12. Write appreciation notes on post-its to show gratitude for volunteers and co-workers.

We’re getting in the spirit of Random Acts of Kindness Day here at VolunteerMatch, too! Throughout the day, we’ll gift four nonprofits a whole year of VolunteerMatch Premium, free. Four additional nonprofits will have their opportunities re-posted and four more will have their #VolunTweet volunteer opportunity retweeted.

How are you celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day? Share your random act(s) of kindness in the comments section below!