[Podcast] Understanding the Impact of Volunteer Leaders

We’ve used the term “Volunteer Leaders” before, haven’t we? You know, as one job title from that ever-growing list of titles used to describe your responsibilities as leaders of volunteers?

We may not fully understand how such a list c̶a̶m̶e̶ dragged about, but we do know — regardless of how you label your role — you likely pride yourself on one mission: empowering your community. And thanks to the 1,314 responses received in the 2017 Volunteer Management Progress Report, we know even more about the profession than ever before.

This “State of the Industry”-type report run by President and Founder Tobi Johnson and her team at VolunteerPro confirms some of our industry’s historical challenges, like volunteer retention, and provides insight into where we’re headed.

I had a chance to speak with Tobi to uncover some the report’s findings. Listen below and share your thoughts in the comments:

Then, register for our webinar with Tobi and Trina Willard, President of Knowledge Advisory Group to ask your burning questions.