Why It’s the Best Time in History to Post a Volunteer Opportunity

Why It's the Best Time in History to Post on VolunteerMatch

With volunteerism on the rise in the U.S., more VolunteerMatch opportunities in more places, and enhanced nonprofit functionality, there’s never been a better time to post your volunteer opportunities on VolunteerMatch!

Volunteerism On the Rise

In case you missed it, the days following President Donald Trump’s inauguration were the busiest in VolunteerMatch.org’s nearly 20-year history. On January 24, 2017, we welcomed over 70,000 website visits and witnessed site traffic jump by as much as 76%. And between the inauguration and today, February 9, 2017, we’ve seen over one million visits to VolunteerMatch.org.

November 10, 2016 — just two days following President Trump’s election — saw our second busiest spike in traffic. And it’s not just us. The volunteer recruitment website Golden saw website visitors double since the election, too.

Typically, we might associate traffic jumps with advertising campaigns or concerted marketing efforts, but this time, what we’re observing is different. “Right now there is clearly a lot of energy around people looking to get more involved and make a commitment to the things they care about,” says President Greg Baldwin in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

And the effects on organizations can be felt far and wide. Nonprofits with missions that are threatened by the incumbent administration — like Planned Parenthood and organizations with a focus on immigrants and refugee services — are receiving an influx of support.

Planned Parenthood sees spike in volunteerism

Emily Griffith school sees spike in volunteerism

Now’s a perfect time to roll up our sleeves, post those volunteer opportunities, and get to work!

More Skilled Volunteers from More Places

While the rise in volunteerism is unprecedented, our team’s been working diligently on new ways to expand the reach of each VolunteerMatch volunteer opportunity for quite some time. Now, when you post one volunteer opportunity on VolunteerMatch.org, that opportunity becomes visible to more good people on more platforms than ever before.

Your opportunity can reach:

Each opportunity also gets posted to LinkedIn’s volunteer marketplace, Discovery’s website, and, if it’s applicable for adults age 55+, Encore’s GenerationtoGeneration. Volunteer alerts are pushed monthly to nearly half a million volunteer email subscribers and through Twilio’s text-based volunteer alerts system.

Enhanced Nonprofit Functionality

Our matching services and other resources are offered for free to our community of nonprofits. If you like our product, consider upgrading to a Premium subscription. It’ll help you reach more skilled volunteers during this historic time while helping fund our work.

Enhanced VolunteerMatch Premium features include:

  • custom greetings and questions,
  • more detailed listing descriptions,
  • and seamless re-posting privileges whenever your listings expire.

You can also accept donations for your 501(c)3 nonprofit directly from your VolunteerMatch page — a service that makes it easy for VolunteerMatch Premium to pay for itself.

Learn more about VolunteerMatch Premium by logging into your VolunteerMatch account. If you aren’t on VolunteerMatch or haven’t refreshed your opportunities in a while, now’s a great time to get started.