3 Reasons to Not Miss MAVA’s 2017 National Summit

2017 National Summit on Volunteer Engagement LeadershipWhen was the last time you attended a conference focused on volunteer managers?

Publications and training options aimed at volunteer management skill development have increased in recent decades — which is great — but truly effective leadership comes from collaboration and idea-sharing, which is where in-person events become invaluable.

Leaders of volunteers need opportunities to strengthen their professional networks, enhance their skills, and build a more unified voice and presence across the sector.

That’s why volunteer engagement professionals from the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (MAVA) and around the country joined forces to create the 2017 National Summit on Volunteer Engagement Leadership: Mapping Our Future, Strengthening Our Voice.

Here are three reasons you shouldn’t miss this one-of-a-kind event.

1. Putting the Profession Front-and-Center

The Summit will put the profession of volunteer management front and center, renewing the need for a new, national volunteer management presence. This hasn’t occurred nationally since the demise of AVA years ago. The few other major conferences in our field scatter attention to diverse learning tracks, leaving tracks for volunteer engagement diluted as one in many choices.

2. Bringing Leaders of Volunteers Together

Dozens of breakout sessions will offer many great opportunities for new and experienced leaders of volunteers. The Summit will bring together the newest thought-leaders in volunteerism and many of the long-time authors and trainers who rarely appear in one place together any more.

Meet the people you’ve only read, not heard! Pioneers such as Betty Stallings and Susan Ellis are working hard to make this a great reunion of the key people who built our field — and to make them available for focused, one-on-one collaboration with attendees.

3. Facilitating Local & Nationwide Collaboration

The Summit is an “open space” for dialogue about the future of our field. Those concerned about building local professional networks of volunteer managers will get a chance to brainstorm new ways to engage their local membership. The Summit will be a space where Directors of Volunteers in Agencies (DOVIAs) and other associations of volunteer coordinators can share their resources to strengthen our collective work.

If these three reasons aren’t enough, the Summit will feature three thought-provoking plenaries and an evening of barbeque, entertainment, and volun-fun. Early-bird registration to the Summit opens Friday, February 17. Learn more about this unique conference and save a Gmail or Outlook calendar reminder for when early-bird registration opens next week.

Let’s hear from you!  What are your resolutions as a volunteer leader for 2017? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.