[Webinar] Nonprofit Insights: How Design Thinking Helps You Increase Impact and Innovation

Nonprofit organizations provide some of the most basic and essential services to those who need them most: clean water, food, shelter, etc. However, despite often Herculean efforts, many organizations lack resources and find themselves understaffed and underfunded.  For organizations to survive, thrive, and fulfill their missions, the key is constant innovation.

During this free webinar, we’ll discuss how innovative nonprofits (e.g. American Red Cross, GRID Alternative, buildOn, etc.) utilize Customer Centric Design Thinking — a methodology developed at the Institute of Design at Stanford to think outside-the-box and find ways to leverage existing resources, volunteers, staff, and social media presence to increase impact. We’ll then discuss methods for using design thinking to increase engagement, awareness, volunteerism, and fundraising at your organization.

This webinar will be lead by Ryall Carroll, Ph.D. Marketing and Co-Founder of raiserve.org.

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