3 Ways to Encourage Volunteer Giving on Social

Encourage Volunteer Giving on SocialThis post appears in full on NeonCRM.com

Volunteers are a critical lifeline for many nonprofit organizations. Often altruistic people, volunteers provide passionate support for work that might not get done without them. Many times, their giving doesn’t stop there.

According to a Fidelity Charitable report, half of volunteers say volunteering leads them to give more financially. And 87% of volunteers say there is an overlap between where they volunteer and where they donate.

Let’s start with this scenario: As a volunteer manager, you recruit several volunteers online, keep them engaged, and culture a growing group of exemplary supporters for your organization. The result?

(Hopefully) more people who are emotionally invested in your cause, and because of it, are more financially inclined to give. So where do you connect with these newfound volunteer philanthropists, and how do you encourage them to give to your cause?

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